The products of PRO-VISION® ensure the health and safety of people and communities. We believe our efforts to produce these products should protect the health and safety of the environment we all share. The success of PRO-VISION® will in part be measured by our commitment, investment and most importantly the results of our actions taken to protect our environment.

So what actions have we taken to protect the environment we all share?

In 2006, PRO-VISION® began using reusable shipping trays to move product to and from suppliers.

In 2009, PRO-VISION® launched a comprehensive recycling program with a goal of substantially reducing solid waste output. To date PRO-VISION® has reduced its solid waste output by greater than 80%.

In 2012, PRO-VISION® completed converting the lighting in our facilities to more energy efficient technology with a goal to reduce electricity consumption. We exceeded our goal and managed to reduce our consumption in these facilities by 52%.

In 2015, PRO-VISION® completed a conversion of our facility’s exterior lighting to utilize the latest LED technology and further reduced our electricity consumption by 62%.

Most recently in 2016, PRO-VISION® finished an overhaul of our office printing system by eliminating dozens of print centers and implementing more efficient printing technology across our facilities, reducing paper consumption by 32% and minimizing our carbon footprint.

As we continue our work to provide the most Reliable, Simple, Affordable™ commercial, mobile video solutions on the market, we will continue to evaluate our practices in our facilities to ensure we reduce, reuse and recycle wherever possible.

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