We are in the Safety Business.

We engineer, manufacture, supply and install rugged, reliable rear vision and video recording systems, body-worn cameras and video management software exclusively for commercial, law enforcement and transit applications.

Our products improve, maintain and ensure a safe working environment in and around commercial vehicles and personnel.

Our vision is to achieve and maintain the position as our industry′s leader.

Our mission is to maximize the value of every customer dollar spent with our company by providing our customers the most Reliable, Simple and Affordable™ product line in the industry backed by the absolute best customer and technical support.

The successful completion of our mission and realization of our vision will be measured by a growing customer base and the satisfaction our customers receive from their investment in our products.

Our return for successfully completing our mission and realizing our vision will be a profitable company with the ability to provide secure, rewarding and competitively-paid jobs.


“Do one thing and do it very well.”

A Philosophy is the most basic beliefs, concepts and attitudes of an individual or group. As a team, our efforts to successfully complete our mission and realize our vision will be driven by the philosophy of “do one thing and do it very well.“ Our only business is commercial, mobile video solutions. Our focus and philosophy has built us a solid reputation for the best products in the industry. This reputation brings with it a responsibility to continuously define industry performance standards for Reliable, Simple, Affordable™ video systems and software.


A Principle is a rule or code of conduct.

  • Our mission defines us
  • Our philosophy drives us
  • Our principles will guide us

We will be guided by the following principles:

Exceed Expectations: This principle in practice is to under-promise and over-deliver. The PRO-VISION® Team will promise to continuously strive to exceed expectations at every opportunity. Our efforts will be demonstrated by delivering products and service that are always Reliable, Simple and Affordable™.

Live the Golden Rule: The PRO-VISION® Team is empowered to take care of the customer as they would want to be taken care of.

Pursue Excellence: At most companies, their products and their people are just “good” enough. To be truly great, PRO-VISION® the company, our products and our people must be in the relentless pursuit of excellence to be better tomorrow than we are today.

Work as a Team: No one person does it alone. PRO-VISION® is a team focused on delivering the industry′s best products and service.

Embrace Change: We acknowledge that PRO-VISION® is in constant evolution. To evolve and lead you must innovate. This process takes change. We will always remember that change requires effort and it is not always a painless process. The PRO-VISION® Team takes great pride in its willingness and ability to embrace change, to evolve and to innovate so we may better serve the customer.

Be Professional: Professionals have developed the skills of their trade. They do their best, whether they feel like it or not. They take pride in what they do. They seek to improve. They stay up-to-date and are self-motivated. They are creative, conscientious and trustworthy. They are ethical. Professionals put service ahead of personal considerations. The PRO-VISION® Team is committed to defining the industry standard for professionalism.

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