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Rugged Solid-State Design

Solid-State Design has no moving parts or the failures that come with them, making PRO-VISION® more rugged and reliable than any hard drive system available. By adding 16 channels of 1080p high-definition video, the PRO-VISION® High-Definition System offers the highest video quality available in a solid-state system.

Wireless Flexibility

Remote Live Video Viewing

Using a Wi-Fi, 3G, or 4G connection, the remote viewing feature allows you to watch, in real time, the view that is being recorded by the PRO-VISION® Solid-State Commercial Video Recording System.

Wireless File Transfer

Utilizing the exclusive “Power-Delay” reduced power mode and 802.11n wireless connection integrated into the PRO-VISION® High-Definition System, you can automatically download both constant and event video without resulting in a dead battery, even after you have powered down your vehicle.

Wireless Cameras

Increase versatility and simplify installation with PRO-VISION® wireless cameras. By utilizing the latest in wireless technology, PRO-VISION® cameras have a range of over 500ft, giving you a more reliable coverage and a larger operating range than other brands.

GPS-Based Fleet Tracking

Display the current GPS locations of multiple vehicles simultaneously through Google Maps® by combining the optional 3G Connectivity Kit, GPS Antenna and a cellular connection on the vehicle.

Direct to SDXC Card Video Recording and Viewing

The PRO-VISION® Solid-State Commercial Video Recording System records Constant and Event Alarm Video directly to the same removable SDXC Card. With a PRO-VISION® System, you will never have to upload video to a jump drive or remove an unreliable hard drive. When you are ready to view your recorded video, remove the SDXC Card and insert it into almost any computer. With just a few mouse clicks you will be viewing your recorded video.

3 Forms of Capture


When triggered by ignition, the system will begin to loop record up to 430 hours of constant video to the SDXC card. The PRO-VISION® System can be set to record up to 24 hours after the vehicle's ignition is switched off.


When triggered multiple ways, more than 15 minutes of Pre and Post-Event alarm video is recorded tot he SDXC card. If part of an incident is not captured in the event alarm video, the constant video can be reviewed from the same SDXC card.


Use the included PRO-VISION® Viewing software and a still image with an available integrated GPS map can be saved as a JPEG file from either Constant or Event-Alarm video.

What's In A Warranty?

No other company in the industry provides a more inclusive, longer-lasting warranty. Our 5-YEAR System Warranty and LIFETIME Cable and SDXC Card Warranty cover you no matter where you bought your system or who installed it.

*To customers outside the U.S. & Canada, certain restrictions and limitations apply
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Full Coverage

360° View

Know what happens in and around your vehicles with full 360° coverage using a combination of our rugged, reliable cameras.

Comprehensive Fleet Safety

Providing a video record of all activity in and around your vehicles on the road, on scene, or at a service location, the PRO-VISION® Solid-State Commercial Video Recording System uses an unrivaled combination of side, rear vision and observational video to be the best choice for a complete fleet safety solution.

Smart Video File Management

Use the included PV Player™ Playback Software and your video files will display in selectable, color-coded sections.

Simultaneous Recording & Playback

The PRO-VISION® Solid-State In-Car Video System is capable of previously recorded video playback while still recording new video.

Simplified solutions

From managing digital evidence to keeping track of an entire fleet of vehicles, PRO-VISION® provides powerful software solutions that don't compromise on usability.

Unbeatable Value

More Reliable, Simple, Affordable™ than any other system in the industry, the PRO-VISION® System offers an unbeatable value with an unrivaled combination of features at an affordable price, allowing you to better increase safety and reduce liability on more of your fleet's vehicles.