16 Channels of True 1080p HD from One Solid-State System

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True 1080p HD

Crystal clear 1080p HD video provides high quality playback capabilities, capturing every detail in high resolution.

Engineered By


PRO-VISION® provides HD options and high quality cameras, ensuring that 1080p HD quality video can be captured everywhere in and around the vehicle. View all Cameras

PROVEN Reliability

With over a billion miles of recorded video, the PRO-VISION® High-Definition DVR is the most tested and proven reliable mobile HD DVR on the planet.


Engineered, designed and tested by the PRO-VISION® in-house engineering team, PRO-VISION® products are built and supported by the people who know the products inside and out.

Get Better Coverage with Fewer Cameras

A wider field of view lets you do more with less, reducing costs by allowing you to cover a greater area with fewer cameras.

Key Features:

HD Zoom Tool

The PV Player™ Playback Software provides a tool for you to zoom in on any area of recorded video, allowing you to fully utilize the additional detail captured by 1080p HD cameras.

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Rugged Solid-State Design

Solid-State Design has NO moving parts or the failures that come with them, making PRO-VISION® more rugged and reliable than any hard drive system available. By adding 16 channels of 1080p high-definition video, the PRO-VISION® High-Definition System offers the highest video quality available in a solid-state system.

Increase Efficiency


Using an Internet connection and a mobile device or PC, you can watch, in real time, the view that is being recorded by the device and access video files immediately upon hearing about an incident.


While video can be reviewed by manually downloading the included SDXC Card, it can be automatically downloaded when vehicles arrive within your wireless network, saving precious time.

Health & Event Alerts

Alert maintenance and administrative personnel independently with email notifications for system health, erratic driving and other vehicle events. The PRO-VISION® High Definition System eliminates downtime and provides instant notification of important video events with PV Dashboard™.

What's In A Warranty?

No other company in the industry provides a more inclusive, longer-lasting warranty. Our 5-YEAR System Warranty and LIFETIME Cable and SDXC Card Warranty cover you no matter where you bought your system or who installed it.

*To customers outside the U.S. & Canada, certain restrictions and limitations apply

Integrated Stop Arm Solution

The PRO-VISION® system can integrate stop-arm cameras with on-board cameras and record to a single solid-state DVR, providing an HD record of any violating vehicle and driver, even at speeds over 70 MPH.

Simplified solutions

The services provided by PRO-VISION® national installers simplify the process of outfitting your fleet with mobile video systems, and PRO-VISION® software streamlines fleet and video management.

Unbeatable Value

More Reliable, Simple, Affordable™ than any other system in the industry, the PRO-VISION® High-Definition System offers an unbeatable value with an unrivaled combination of features at an affordable price, allowing you to better increase safety and reduce liability on more of your buses.